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Apple Dentist being the Top Dentist in Houston, is the walk in dentist houston to get an affordable and reliable oral healthcare treatment like Dental Implant, Cosmetic Dental Treatment, General Dentistry, Teeth Restoration and Preventive Services. We are the best emergency dental clinic in Houston.

The Professional and Emergency Dentist Houston of our clinic are highly experienced and skilled to handle patients of different age groups with extreme care and affection. 

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Walk In Dentist Houston - Emergency Dentist


Emergency Dentist in Houston | Apple Dentist

Our team strives to incorporate rich standards for attaining great parameters in the field of dental care. Offering a full range of satisfactory dentistry services, we have become the best and highly recommended Emergency Dentist Houston to provide comfortable treatment for a perfect smile. 

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Advanced Dentistry

Latest dentist techniques are applied to make sure your teeth problems are resolved in the best possible way.

High Quality Equipment

We completely understand the role of advanced and high-quality equipment in the dentist occupation and make sure best is applied in our office.

Comfortable Office

With our comfortable office you will not feel like visiting a normal and terrifying dentist for the check-up. We will hear your problems and make every possible effort to provide you relaxing and comfortable environment for the treatment.

Friendly Staff

We have literally worked hard in employing a friendly staff for our customers. The staff is ready to assist you out all the time


Apple Dentist has introduced a wide spectrum of dental care and healing services for affected gums and teeth.

Dental Anxiety

Good oral health and immense even personalized care from our dentists assist you to keep aside the fear of getting dental treatment.

Missing Teeth

Providing your sweet smile back by replacement of missing teeth is our duty so that you can get new even gorgeous smile.

Tooth Pain

With the help of our complimentary oral health examination, we work towards finding the cause of teeth issues.

Periodontal Disease

Chipped, cracked or broken teeth get treated here easily as well as we are right here for your porcelain restoration.

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